Get to Know Real People Who Are Delighted by Our Services


We can heap accolades on our business all we want.

We can always brag about our countless awards, recognitions, and achievements. As well as the excellent products and services that we are offering to our customers, as much as we can.

But all of these things would ring hollow if these are not supported by the approval and commendations from our satisfied and delighted customers.

As we are fond of saying, talk is cheap.

Talk is really cheap if it comes from us. But if it’s done by our customers, it’s certainly worth our time and attention.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Let’s listen to three of the many customers that have given our brand of service their two thumbs up:

Christopher Clarke
As a health care provider, it’s so refreshing to have a pharmacy in my network who I can refer to with confidence. The concept that Marco and his team have created is full of integrity. Free delivery, free shipping, Customer Blister Packaging for seniors, and cheaper prices than anywhere else. They go above and beyond for all the patients, and guarantee you won’t ever fall into the dreaded “doughnut-hole”. St. Mary Pharmacy really is a Pharmacy you can trust.

Babe Mooney
I was amazed at the price saving that I have gotten at St Mary’s pharmacy; I won’t fill my prescriptions anywhere else. And I love the owners and staff they always are so nice to me when I come in. If you are tired of being over charged by those chain stores, check St Mary’s out.

Scott Swope
I have moved all of my prescriptions from Walgreens to St. Mary Pharmacy. They are much cheaper and have excellent service. They also delivered one of my prescriptions to me for free when I wasn’t able to make it to the pharmacy to pick it up. You can’t get that kind of service from a big chain store.

We Are Committed to Our Mission
We would not be surprised if Christopher, Babe, Scott, and countless others would speak highly of our company St. Mary Pharmacy, your family Pharmacy in Palm Harbor. We are just trying to be true to our mission to bring quality, convenient, and cost-friendly pharmacy services and products to you and your family.

Our first and foremost priority is always YOU! We value our relationship with you and your patients. We preserve that relationship with the trust that you have invested in our staff and the healthcare products you get from us.

It pays that we are locally operated and managed because we can call the shots as far as keeping our prices low, getting to know our customers, and providing the utmost care and support through health remedies.
But don’t mistake our being local; we may be locally operated but we maintain standards that are at par with the global yardstick.

So you will know what we are talking about, please click this link and go to About Us and Our Services. By doing so,you will understand why our customers have nothing but praises on our company.

Come, move your prescriptions to us. We will welcome you with open arms at our store in 30606 US-Hwy. 19 N, Palm Harbor, Florida 34684.

If you can’t pay us a visit, relay your concerns to us by phone at 727-773-9000. You can also send us your orders, inquiries, or requests through fax at 727-773-9001 or via email at

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Please take note of our store hours:

  • Monday through Friday — from 9am to 6:30pm
  • Saturday –from 10am to 2pm

Are you satisfied with the services of the pharmacy that’s currently attending to your needs? Are there areas you wish they could have improved on? Your inputs are valuable to us and our readers. Please take time to share them with us by posting them on the space right below this blog.

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