How Fathers, Mothers and Children Benefit From Family Planning

family of three

One day, you met a certain person that changed the way you looked at the world. As you get to know each other, both of you felt that you were a match made in heaven. You are perfect for each other. And as many days, weeks, months or even years passed, one of you decided to pop the question up.

Because of your mutual relationship, you both have been preparing for the big day, the day you will finally be united in law and in holy matrimony. And once that day had come, both of you were ecstatic to begin your life as newlyweds and as a family.

When starting a family, we have been introduced to various family planning methods when we were still attending school. Now that you have been in the perfect situation, you need to apply those learning.

Family planning benefits more than it destroys a family. In fact, St. Mary Pharmacy, a known Pharmacy in Palm Harbor and a provider of family planning methods and contraception, lists down the advantages fathers, mothers and children can get out of it.


Being a father and a husband requires you to do tremendous things. In a traditional point of view, you are considered the pillar of your family. Your family relies on you for decisions and you give the resources to help make your children and wife healthy and happy.

As the main breadwinner, you need to excel in your work so that you can gain more money to feed and provide for the whole family. You also need to be able to provide for yourself so that you will not get sick therefore crippling the finances of the whole family.

Through family planning, your burden and responsibility of supporting the whole family will be lighter. Aside from that, your income will be enough and even surpass the basic needs of your family. This will, in turn, allow you to provide a better education for your little ones and thus, give them a brighter future.

Another benefit of having family planning is that it will give daddy time for bonding with his children. You can now go to places your kids and wife will surely enjoy. You can have an epic and memorable family vacations like the ones you see in the movies.

And with enough mouths to feed, you are given the opportunity to grow professionally. You can take additional units to further hone your knowledge and experiences in your field.


Mothers are the ones who benefit a lot from family planning. After all, it does not only affect her financially but also physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As bearers of the children, mothers are expected to be in their top condition. So as to help improve the well-being of mom, we strongly and passionately suggest birth control and family planning.

When deciding to have children, it is important to consider the gap and the number of the little ones. Aside from that, it is also significant if the couple looks into the condition of the bearer of the child. Being too sickly can affect the health of the newborn.

If you and your husband do observe family planning, you will be able to fully regain your health after you have had your baby. Not only that but you will also have more opportunity to give your attention and love to your children and to your husband.


These young ones are the result of a properly planned family. A healthy child or children are the reflection of the affection of the parents. And mind you, ensuring the overall well-being of a child is more than ensuring a healthy and balanced diet. It includes giving them the love, attention, care and security they so rightfully deserve.

Family planning ensures not only the overall well-being of your child but also secures their future. Parents will be able to provide the things their children need the most. And aside from that, they are giving their children the chance to pursue the dream the latter want to attain.

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