Quick Guide: Keeping Yourself Healthy and Well This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is the worst time to think about health and fitness. When food and drinks abound and your schedule is all filled up with parties and get-togethers here and there, it is just terribly difficult to center on fitness when there is feasting.

Of course, you really would not want to lose it completely. By the time the celebration ends, you would want to be where you left off, and that is being all well and fine. So to avoid being totally absorbed by all the festivities, you should have a good resolve to keep yourself healthy despite the holidays. To help you do this, we share some tips to get you through.

  1. Have a little of everything.
    We understand how this season can be all about lavish food and drinks. No, we will not advise you to avoid them, we will not even advise you to be overly-picky on them. We wouldn’t want to kill the joy of the season by having you lurk in a corner with just your garden salad. But we do advise you to feast in moderation. If you can’t help but have everything, then at least have just a little of everything. A little extra sugar or salt should not do any catastrophe to your health if you just remember to not go overboard.
  2. Remember to move it!
    Since it’s cold, a lot of people are very much enticed to just stay inside and keep themselves warm. This is where the problem really starts – when you eat too much and move too little. So, if you would have to eat more than the regular, then you would also have to move more than the usual. Though we do not advise you to spend your holidays at the gym, we highly encourage you to do more physical activities elsewhere. You may window shop, go sight-seeing, see some friends, or leave your car and walk to the office or to the grocery on days when you can. Any extra movement will help you burn the fats that you wouldn’t want to keep when the holidays are over.
  3. Do not forget medical appointments.
    Though your schedule might be pretty packed, do not ever attempt to miss your doctor’s check-up or therapy sessions – whether intentionally or unintentionally. Especially if you have a condition or case that needs close monitoring, the last thing that you would want is to get sick or have complications during or right after the holidays. So mark your calendars, set your phone alarm, or fill your fridge with post-it’s, however you do it, make sure that you remind yourself enough not to miss those highly important dates.
  4. Stick with medication plans and schedules.
    If you intend to travel on the holidays, make sure that you don’t forget to bring along your vitamins, supplements, or specialty medications with you. For more convenience, you can have them specially packed into blisters with printed dosage, schedule, and other remarks. If you live near the area, there is a pharmacy in Palm Harbor that provides specialized packaging for your specific needs. St. Mary Pharmacy II can pack and prepare for you your tablets so you won’t need to bring your bulky bottles with you on your trips. You may check us out today for your packaging and other pharmaceutical needs.
  5. Keep your heart healthy.
    A downcast heart is not good during this season. In fact, as much as there is great merry-making everywhere, the holidays is also a high time when a number of people get depressed. This is because the time usually reminds some of the people they have lost, causes them to feel alone, and render them to feel empty. And these negative feelings are generally not good for the health. So no matter the circumstances, embrace the gratitude attitude and be thankful and happy for all that you have been given with, this season and the whole year round.

We hope we have given you helpful tips on how to be merry and healthy this season. Happy holidays from the pharmacy that wishes you wellness and good healthSt. Mary Pharmacy II.

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