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Getting Vaccinated Before Traveling

Every region in the world has unique diseases and if you are not from that part of the planet or if you have not spent any significant time there, then your immune system will not have the means to protect … Continue reading

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Compounding: Improving Your Medication

Medication is used for a number of purposes such as treating an illness, reducing certain negative aspects of our health, improving our health, and much more. However, for some people their medications may not be as effective as it should, … Continue reading

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3 Important Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Prescription Medications

Drinking prescribed medications is important – it can help you manage your condition better and help you stay healthy. However, it is important for you to truly understand their functions and restrictions first before drinking them to ensure its efficacy. … Continue reading

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Personalizing Your Medications through Compounding

Are you finding that your medications are not as effective as they should be? Perhaps you simply cannot take them in the first place because of a particular ingredient you are allergic to? Are your pills too bitter to swallow … Continue reading

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6 Myths about Fever You Should Stop Believing

When with fever, we usually conclude that we are sick. True enough, fever occurs when our body operates to get rid of foreign objects that may endanger our health. This explains the occurrence of fever when we are infected with … Continue reading

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