Compounding in Palm Harbor, Florida

Compounding is the ageless method of custom preparing medications for the unique needs of the patient. It involves expertise that is honed with experience – the method can only be conducted by a licensed pharmacist with directions from your physician.

At St. Mary Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Florida our compounding pharmacists can prepare various forms, dosages and intake forms for your meds. These include:


This is seldom used for patients whose personalized medication need to have an alternate strength or required to omit certain, potential allergen irritants.


More commonly known as transdermal method, topical medicines are widely used due to its absorptive effect when applied directly through the skin. Some of the many topical drugs used in medicinal settings are gels, emulsion creams, sprays and lip balm stick applicators which are all easy to use and are effective in getting the medicine into the bloodstream quickly.


In modern medicinal setting, lozenges have been usually a crowd favorite most especially when these would come in different flavors. These are a popular way to introduce drugs in your system when local action is needed. And like any candy, they can also be placed under one’s tongue to dissolve, allowing quick and easy absorption of the medicine to your bloodstream.


Kids would enjoy a tasty drug, perfectly concealing that usual icky after-taste of most medicines. To administer your medicine easily and accurately, we can prepare a naturally-sweetened, pleasant-tasting oral solution or suspension. We can also customize a compounded medication for ear drops and nasal sprays.


When patients find it hard to swallow pills, the most common second option is a suppository. Our compounded suppositories are available in various forms and shapes depending on choice of administration – rectally, vaginally or urethrally.


Not all patients can easily take in a medicine. We can compound a number of custom-prepared dosage forms for easier ingestion, such as flavored lollipops, frozen popsicles, and chewable “gummy” treats.

If you have a compounding prescription from your doctor, please send a request online using our Compounding Request Form.


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