6 Myths about Fever You Should Stop Believing

"6 Myths about Fever You Should Stop Believing

When with fever, we usually conclude that we are sick. True enough, fever occurs when our body operates to get rid of foreign objects that may endanger our health. This explains the occurrence of fever when we are infected with viruses and bacteria.

Fever, though really common nowadays, is still tied with frivolous myths and claims. To further educate yourself and others, here are six false implications about fever and their corresponding truths:

  1. Anything higher than 98.6 °F is already a fever.

    This may be the usual case, but having a body temperature passing 98.6 °F is not a conclusive presumption that you are already sick. The manner you assess your body temperature should be taken into consideration as well. When measured from armpits, the temperature may become a degree lower and a degree higher if from the rectum.

  2. The higher the fever gets, so does the danger.

    This sentence is not entirely true. If this was the case, the ultimate test then to determine the health of a patient with fever is through his temperature. However, recent studies show that body temperature is not the conclusive gauge of a patient’s condition. Rather, it is the cause of the fever and the current well-being of the patient that must be taken utmost notice.

  3. Fever reaching 104 °F can cause brain damage.

    A patient with this temperature can feel hellish already but such is not yet enough to fry the brain. For possible brain damages to ensue, the patient must be at 108 °F. Still, any fever less than that should not be given less attention. Treat the fever right away.

  4. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen is a sure-fire fever treatment.

    There is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed drug. Though Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are common fever solutions, do not rely on them too much. Such drugs may be dangerous for people with certain health conditions. Especially for pregnant women and infants, always consult a doctor before handing them these drugs.

  5. High temperature automatically results in seizures.

    Febrile fevers, also known as convulsions, are not caused by high fevers per se. Doctors say that it is triggered by the sudden rise of body temperature, for example, a jump from 98.6 °F to 102 °F. On most cases, it is not preventable because such seizures happen instantaneously.

  6. Fevers are always bad for children.

    Fevers are not useless experiences. As said earlier, fever is a defense mechanism of the body. It is a manifestation of a functioning immune system. The more the immune system survives a disease, the more it becomes stronger and healthier.

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