Children vs. Medicine: 4 Clever Tricks Parents Need to Know

More often than not, parents are faced with many challenges when it comes to having their children take their medicine. Scenarios such as crying, refusal to open their mouths, or straight up running away at the mere mention of the word “medicine” are all too familiar to parents of these young, defiant, strong-willed warriors.

Are there ways to make it easier for kids to take the medicine they need? We’re here to say, yes there are! Purchasing the needed medication in your trusted drugstore in Palm Harbor, Florida is only the first of many steps. Read on to find out how you can make medicine time easier for both you and your hesitant child:

  1. Slip the medicine into food

    This classic trick has helped many parents in the past, and may just be what you need. There are various ways to pull this off, such as crushing a tablet or incorporating a suspension into their drink or mixing the medicine directly into their meal. Ask your child’s attending physician on how best to execute this method for better safety and guidance!

  2. Introduce a yummy-tasting food or flavor before the medicine

    Sugar and syrups coated over the tongue can help to mask the flavor of medicine. Feed your youngster a small amount before having them take the medicine. As the song in Mary Poppins goes, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Be wary of the higher risk of cavities this sweet trick may cause! Make sure to always seek professional advice first.

  3. Choose an enjoyable flavor

    Suspensions are a viable option for parents whose main concern is the flavor of the medicine being rejected by their child. St. Mary Pharmacy offers suspensions fit for your child’s needs as one of our many pharmacy services in Florida. Pick a flavor of their choice that works, and you stand a much better chance at having a more enjoyable medicine time with your kid!

  4. Make medicine time a fun game

    Your child may respond better when they have a sense of accomplishment afterward! Together, you can keep track of your child’s progress through a scoreboard they can fill up every after taking their medicine. Once the board fills up or they finish their prescription, a well-deserved and fun reward should be in order!

Your child’s high-quality medication needs may just be available at your trusted Pharmacy in Palm Harbor Florida. With these tricks up your sleeve, medicine time can no longer be a difficult pill for parents to swallow!

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