How Important Is A Good Night’s Sleep For Elders?

How Important Is A Good Night’s Sleep For Elders?

Sleep finds a way to evade you as you age. More seniors resort to taking sleeping medication just to get a good night’s rest but, there are risks to resorting to this, such as:


And some others that are just as dangerous as the ones listed above.

Doctors have found that seniors who do not get enough sleep tend to feel depressed or anxious throughout the day. This is because our bodies require more hours of sleep to make sure that the brain is well taken care of to preserve memory health, and boost overall mood. Elders are required to have 7-9 hours of sleep every night. This is to give them a healthier state of wellness as they try to fight other chronic diseases that come with their weakening immune system. Here are some tips to make sure they are sleeping well:

Get Them To Engage In Physical Activity. Exercise has always been known to boost chances of a good night’s sleep, whether you are young, or old.
Check Their Medications. Make sure that you get to know the ingredients of your senior’s current medication as some of it may be the cause for their lack of sleep.
Do Not Let Them Drink Water 1-2 Hours Before Bed. This is so they do not have to get up for the restroom at the middle of the night.
Make Sure Their Rooms Are At A Comfortable Temperature. Extreme temperatures are found to be one of the reasons as to why seniors are having difficulty sleeping.
Make Sure They Have Comfortable Mattresses. This option is easily overlooked. However, this also has to be put into consideration especially because having their mattresses being too soft or too hard could cause discomfort, therefore, contributing to the difficulty of getting sleep.

Make sure that you get your mattresses from a company that you can trust to meet your elderly loved one’s needs. St. Mary Pharmacy, a Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, offers different medical supplies at your senior’s disposal. Mattresses, canes, crutches, adult diapers, underpads, and a whole lot more. You name it, we have it. This is all for the health and wellness of your loved ones. Your seniors never have to miss a night’s sleep ever again.

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