Why Compounding is a Lifesaver to Mothers Worldwide

Why Compounding is a Lifesaver to Mothers Worldwide

St. Mary Pharmacy has been dealing with various medicine issues ranging from price to availability. Due to our dedicated and professional staff, we all have given solutions to these problems. But nothing more pleases us when we see a mother’s smile because of a successful medication time.

Because of every mother’s worries, we want to share with you some facts on how compounding could practically save your child’s life, as well as yours. So here are the reasons why we consider compounding a lifesaver to mothers worldwide:

It gives a pleasant flavor to kid’s medicines.
Does your child cringe at you whenever you hold out the medicine cup containing their medication or vitamins? You do not have to worry anymore for we get rid of the unpleasant taste of their drugs.

Your child can even choose the flavor of their medicines. So who says medicines are always bitter? You can have a compounding pharmacist work on them and alter the taste.

It makes medicines easy to take.
Children are not yet capable of swallowing pills and tablets. These medication forms will only bring stress to their tiny esophagus. That is why children’s medications are always in liquid form.

But what if their medicines are not available in this child-friendly form? The solution is easy: let your trusted compounding pharmacist change the form of their prescription. These professionals can not only make the solid medicines to liquid ones but also transform them into what children love the most – lollipops and candies.

It adjusts the dosage.
Children have different dosages compared to their adult counterpart. In short, they need to have medications with lesser dosages. And who is capable of doing so? It is your trusted compounding pharmacist.

The dosage is extremely important when a doctor prescribes your child some medications. Make sure you hand this prescription to your pharmacist, and these professionals will take it from there.

It ensures mommy that the kids took their medicine.
People will always find ways in order to avoid an experience they hate. But when your medicine tastes according to your liking and is not difficult to swallow, children will not have a problem taking them.

Mothers, we know our kids are always picky on lots of different things. They prefer one toy over the other. They could not bear to sleep without a certain object, say their teddy bear for instance. And furthermore, they have specific flavors that suit their palette. This could make or break medication time.

Compounding is one of the services we urge mothers to try here in our Pharmacy in Palm Harbor this Mother’s day. We know you have been through enough stress lately. That is why your child’s medicine time should not get in your way of keeping them healthy all year round.

Happy Mother’s day and be merry as you ask our professionals to customize your child’s medication for you. Visit our website at www.stmarypharmacyrx.com.

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