When Should You Seek Compounding for Your Medications?


Compounding is one of the oldest pharmacy services to date; records say that the earliest form of modern pharmacy compounding can be traced as early as the 19th century. And for good reason as it is also among the most essential services you can get from your pharmacy.

As a drugstore in Palm Harbor, Florida offering this very service at St. Mary Pharmacy, we can attest to this importance.

Contrary to the common perception of the service, compounding or the process of customizing your medications to accommodate your unique needs and preferences is not only for patients who have serious allergies or who need complex medication needs and regimen, everyone else can literally benefit from this unique preparation.

In fact, among our pharmacy services in Florida, compounding is requested for the following reasons:

  • For a more agreeable taste of your medications; less bitter or less sour and vice versa.
  • For shorter wait times if your pharmacy in Palm Harbor Florida does not yet have your prescription available.
  • For more savings, since you would only be paying for one type of medication instead of two.
  • For better adaptation with any dosage changes, you may have as you receive treatment.
  • For better medication adherence and convenience since reducing the number of tablets, you take per day to one instead of multiple means you are less likely to forget the rest.

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