Packaging Date Stamps and Their Meaning


Manufacturers should register products legally for consumer protection. And with legalization comes the testing of product efficacy and providing an estimated expiry date. A business has to find out when its products are safe for consumption.

This rule also applies to drug manufacturing. Medications provide treatment and healing to people, and when unsure if these are still valid during intake, these medicines might cause more trouble. Sub-potent medicines may even result in drug resistance.

We can find date stamps in boxes and containers of products we buy from any Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Florida. To know what they mean, we have listed some information below:

  • Expiry Date – the final day of a product’s efficacy as estimated by the manufacturer. The makers guarantee that the drugs are safe, stable, and working within the days in between, starting from the manufacturing date.
  • Use By – means that you should consume the medication a month before this date. An example here is when the use-by date is December 2021. It is then safe to use until November 30.
  • Best before – is more about quality than safety. This stamp is used more on supplementary or herbal medicine labels.

Some pills may last longer than their expected expiry date. However, when unsure, it’s best to buy a fresh batch from a drugstore in Palm Harbor, Florida, especially when it comes to antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is one of the major concerns in healthcare.

If you want to make sure that the medicines you buy are new, safe, and tested, make purchases from St. Mary Pharmacy. We supply high-quality immunizations and compounded medicine and organize them for you, so you won’t have to worry about skipping doses.

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